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Your search for a unique destination wedding in India ends here. Neemrana Fort-Palace is more amazing than its photographs can describe! There are medieval, rustic parts ideal for outdoor garden settings making it a great destination wedding in India, just as there are interiors ideal for a palatial royal wedding.

Neemrana’s first royal wedding was a London-Singapore affair in 1992, with guests in a chartered plane. A chapel was created with a thousand candles. White and orange Oriental lillies hung from baskets in the central court. A black tie dinner followed – not stiff upper-lipped, but with laughter and champagne.

The second was a Punjabi royal wedding, held in this fort, with much festivity, drums, dancing, strings of marigolds and showers of rose petals. The 15th century Fort-Palace adapted well to both the royal weddings. Neemrana has also married many Indians to Westerners, making it a preferred alternative to a destination wedding in Jaipur and much closer too,being half -way to Jaipur ! Rudyard Kipling’s ballad ‘Oh, East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet’ seems to ring untrue: the twain do indeed meet and ‘mate’!

Now with a Roman amphitheatre which seats some 200 people, hanging gardens, as well as Uncha Bagh and varied other locations for the day and night functions, this venue is a apt for all those looking to have or host a destination wedding in India but minus the city noise.  Neemrana is the favourite venue for extravagant royal weddings within the National Capital Region of Delhi. It’s hard to find a match for such magic.

Neemrana 'non-hotels' also offer one of India's oldest fort hotels which has been restored and revitalized to offer all modern facilities. Hill Fort – Kesroli and its rooftop gardens overlook mustard fields which change their hues with the seasons . Its wide pool deck is truly memorable where open-skied , starlit weddings take place .

If you seek an even more exotic royal wedding , there is The Baradari Palace in Patiala. A destination wedding in India there makes a lot of sense with shopping by the Qila Mubarak bazaars.